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"It has been more than ten years of fascinating
research and burning of late night oil"
The Author Dennis Whiteman


Dennis Whiteman, writer and author of the The Resonant Factor,  was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand, at the start of the Second World War. He was educated at Christ's College in Christchurch and began his career as a journalist in the mid-1950s. Dennis has spent more than 30 years as an active and dedicated news reporter, editor and subeditor with a number of newspapers and periodicals, mainly in Australia and New Zealand.  

There Were a Lot of Unanswered Questions in the 'Hard' Basket:
Dennis has interviewed a wide cross-section of the community, ranging from prime ministers, presidents and artists down to hardened criminals.  It was these chalk and cheese lifestyles that led to the question, "Are we overlooking something basic to human makeup that has a direct bearing on the diametrically different pathways individuals pursue?"  The floodgates to a threatening plethora of traditional age-old queries naturally followed.
Baffled by this on-going enigma, and the never-ending riddle of humanity's mysterious past, Dennis devoted himself to the study of the origins of the human race.  Despite a lot of unanswered questions long left in the 'hard' basket, he began a search of ancient records asociated with so-called gods of old, the creation of the race and the birth of religion.

The Discovery of Long Lost Hidden Facts:
The result was shattering -- the emergence of a body of irrefutable facts that offer answers to age-old conundra that have left us in the dark for millennia. While the find is astounding, to fully appreciate what is going on, you need to read this book. It is a 'must do' for those interested in their personal future and the challenges that lie ahead.

Dennis is retired.  He lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
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From Before Human
Creation Through To
The Present And

Some of the Topics

The reason for human creation was known by
our distant ancestors.
It will shock you.
* * *
Ancient records reveal
the true identity of the
Bible's Jehovah.
* * *
Old scrolls give Jesus'
full name and tell of his
controversial status
as a 'Savior.'

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