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IMPORTANT MESSAGE                                                                                     xii
PREFACE                                                                                                             xiii
AUTHOR’S NOTE                                                                                             xviii

IMPORTANT INTRODUCTION                                                                           1
Basic Personal Frequencies – Their Establishment and What
They Mean.                                                        

CHAPTER 1: ORIGINS OF THE RACE                                                              15 
Human Creation and its Creators; Nibiru, the Planet of the Gods; 
Identification of the Ancient Gods.                              

CHAPTER 2: TREES OF THE GARDEN                                                             27
The Role of Gods and Man in the Garden of Eden; The DNA used
in Human Creation; The Trees of Knowledge and Life; 
The Reason for Human Creation.

CHAPTER 3: A MATTER OF HUMAN EXISTENCE.                                        39
The Lead-up to the Great Flood and its Cause; Rivalry of the Gods;
Creation of Different Human Races; Other Visitors to Earth in
Ancient Times.         

CHAPTER 4: BABYLONIAN INFLUENCE                                                        54
The Conquest of Israel and Judah; Recompilation and Falsification
of Jewish Scripture; Implanting and Control of Human Destiny;  
Reports on Human Creation.

CHAPTER 5: HIDDEN FACTS                                                                             69
Infiltration of the Brotherhood of the Snake; Doctrine of Deception; 
Politics and the Destruction of the Tower of Babel; 
Abraham the Military Commander.

CHAPTER 6: THE ANONYMOUS GOD                                                             85
The Hebrews In Egypt; Joseph’s Rise to Power; 
Moses’Role as Priest, Pharaoh and Renegade Leader of the Hebrews;
Jehovah Hides His True Identity.

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