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CHAPTER 14: GRAND DECEPTION.                                                             198
Christianity Proclaimed Religion of Rome; Orthodoxy Stand-Over 
Tactics at Nicaea Favor Literal Belief in the Crucified Death and 
Resurrection of Jesus; Gnostic Arius Murdered by Roman Clerics.

CHAPTER 15: SHAPING OF AN OFFENSIVE DOCTRINE.                         212
Early Falsification of Texts; Post Nicaean Clerics Embark on a
Massive Re-write Campaign and Plagiarism of Old Texts;
Three Main Personalities Chosen for the Christ Construct.

CHAPTER 16: VANDALISM OF KNOWLEDGE                                           227
Orthodoxy Attacks Gnostic Christianity; Alexandrian Library
Pillaged; Heinous Murder of Hypatia by Orthodox Monks;
Gnostics and Mysteries Suffer.

CHAPTER 17: DIAMETRIC OPPOSITES                                                       240
Orthodox Missions Destroy Evidence of Fraudulent Church Origins;
Great Lands of Egypt and the Middle East Darkened;
Herodotus and Manetho list Egypt’s Ancient God-rulers.

CHAPTER 18: THE ZEALOTS                                                                         255
The First Copy of the Bible; Scriptures Aligned to the Nicene Creed; 
Ecclesiastic Opposition to Falsifying of Ancient Texts;
English Language Bible Translations.

CHAPTER 19: BIG BROTHER CHURCH                                                       265
Catholic Move for Protestant Reconciliation; Sexism and the Church; 
Introduction of Fake Epistles; Female Infiltrates Top Church Post; 
Mary Magdalene’s Remains and her Denigration by the Church.

CHAPTER 20: CLOUD OF CONFUSION                                                      279
onfusions and Contradictions of the New Testament; Famous
Roman Family Deeply Involved in New Testament Re-writes; 
Gnostic Branch Worshipped a Serpent Deity.

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