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CHAPTER 21:OPPOSING STANDARDS                                                          292
2nd Century Marcion Publishes First New Testament;
Gnostic Paul Preached the Old Message of the Mysteries;
Paul and Apostles Preached Different Gospels.

CHAPTER 22: EMISSARIES OF THE GODS                                                    307
Astounding Similarities in the Lives of History’s Saviors and Great
Teachers; Jesus of the Bible Born in a Cave;
Odd Phenomena Accompanies Birth and Death of Great Men.

CHAPTER 23: TRADITIONAL FOUNDATIONS                                              320
Christianity a Parody on Worship of the Sun; Dragon Invaders
 More Than Myth; Gnostics Regarded Jehovah as a False God;
Jesus’ Resurrection Upheld as Solely Allegorical.

CHAPTER 24: SEDUCTION AND CONTROL                                                  338
Lower Astral Entities Operate Across Human Society; 
UFOs Have Been Reported Across Millennia; 
Strange Occurrences Preceded the Outbreak of Plagues.

CHAPTER 25: CIVILIZATIONS IN PRE-HISTORY                                          349
New Age Space Cult Promises a Dubious Rescue Package;
‘Revelation’ Names the Dragon from the Pit; Serpent-Reptilian
Race Appears in Many Cultures; Gods Once Ruled On Earth.

CHAPTER 26: SUB-SURFACE DENIZENS                                                       361
Serpent Race Driven From Earth Surface Millennia Ago;
Dracos and Greys Occupy Huge Sub-surface Bases; Nazi Obsession
With Master Aryan Race; Many Reports on Sub-surface Cultures.

CHAPTER 27: ELITISM AND THE POLITICS OF SPACE                               374
‘Revelation’ Exactly Describes the Draconian Race and Names
 Its Leader; Zulu Contact with the Mantindane; Early Galactic
War Destroyed Earth Millions of Years Ago?

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