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CHAPTER 28: POWER OF THE BLOOD                                                    386
Why Bloodline Connections are Traditionally So Important; 
The AB.GAL and the Royal Draconian Genes; Dracos Engineer
the Repto-Blond Crossbreed for Physical Universe Stability.

CHAPTER 29: REPTILIANS AND SATANISM                                          399
Satanism and Human Sacrifice Rife Among the Bluebloods;
Satanic Blood Rites Strengthen Reptilian Hold on the Earth Plane; 
Blueblood DNA Codes Sought by Draco Possessors.

CHAPTER 30: SERPENTS OF LONG AGO                                                415
The Ancient Battle for Eden; Michael Casts Lucifer Out of
Heaven; Dragon Mother El and Son Balder Defeated at Eden;
The Royal Draco MAG Assignation Sought-after in Humans.

CHAPTER 31: SERPENTS RISING                                                             430
White Masters Locked Dracos in Subterranean Pits; Sub-surface
Prison Gates Were Unlocked Millennia Ago; Dracos Are “Among
Wars of Gods Told In Hellenic Mythology.

CHAPTER 32: PROBLEMS OF EVIDENCE                                                444
Sub-surface Mapping Reveals Ancient Thoroughfares; 
City Found Under Giza Plateau; The Lost Science of Higher Light
Physics; Pyramids Were Sound Activated Structures.

CHAPTER 33: HIGH-TECH INTERVENTION                                            460
US Government Pact with Aliens; Animal and Human Mutilations; 
Abduction Levels Worried MJ12; Advanced Alien and Russian 
Robotoid Technology.

CHAPTER 34: ALTARS OF HORROR                                                         476
Egg Machine Abduction; Atlantean Magicians Move Into Egypt
With Black Arts; Enoch Warns of Ancestral Lower Astral Spirit
Possession; Freemasonry and Reptilian Connection.

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