Cat. 2: Beliefs That Shaped Human Destiny/Articles:01 & 02
 Cat. 1: Christianity & The Dark Side/Articles: 8, 9 and10
Church Adopted Double Standards
For Control Of The Peasantry
St Augustine of Hippo
Augustine Voiced Opposing Viewpoints
Cyrno de Bergerac

  Spokesmen for the faith claim that during mediaeval times there were no prestigious figures who believed in a flat-earth and that the church well-knew the Earth was spherical.

    In fact, if applied to the latter years of the Middle Ages, this statement is in part correct.  However, there is one piece of evidence the ‘whitewashers’ conveniently fail to point out, namely the practice of double standards, which were rife among landed gentry whose families heavily populated church ranks.
  The ‘whitewashers’ rarely make significamt mention of the biggest section of the populace – the common people – the great unwashed who fervently believed that the Earth was flat. 
  Now, why would that be so, when traditionally the church decreed what its congregations believed and rejected?  This well-known reality is supported by an abundance of art that reflects widespread belief in a ‘flat earth’ policy imposed by a church hell-bent on keeping Europe's peasantry ignorant, uneducated and subservient to its priesthood. (continue ... ) (Back to Video Page)

Cyrano de Bergerac, the 17th Century dramatist and swordsman, quotes Augustine as having said that in his day and age “the earth was as flat as a stove lid and that it floated on water like half of a sliced orange."  
Like So Many Others
Even de Bergerac Spoke Of It
St. Augustine who shaped early church doctrine
The Roman Catholic Church is forever vigilant in the protection of its image, often engaging in well organized campaigns to explain away the dark side of a corrupt and bloody past that dates back to its formative years.

  The official approach of “let’s be reasonable about this,” has been applied to numerous of its shady topics, ranging from the Inquisitions of the Middle Ages and the merciless destruction of the benign religions of the old Roman world, down to more mundane issues, such as mediaeval religious belief in a flat earth policy, which is currently undergoing an orchestrated whitewash.
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