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The Longevity of the Gods:
Traditionally historians ape out at any mention of humanoid life spans extending too many decades beyond three score years and ten.  This is why they so often fail to see the wood for the trees.  It is time to put an end to senseless interpretations and start reading ancient records exactly as they were written. Only then will the penny drop on the realization that we are not dealing with human rulers here but GODS, humanoid entities whose DNA codes delivered extreme longevity. The ancients did know how to count, and, when they recorded the gods as having lived for hundreds or even thousands of years, they were not writing in some cryptic code that meant we should drop zeros from the figures they wrote.  (Chapter 17)

Ancient Jewish Texts Were Falsified:
On return to Jerusalem, the priesthood established a religious state that replaced the old order that had originally ruled the country prior to its conquest. Historian John Milner, in The Arabs and Jews in History, claims that after the loss of the original Torah and other Old Testament books, the Jewish priesthood re-wrote the works, but in doing so severely mutilated the Torah of Moses and put it out in a new form full of legends and falsehoods, which are being contradicted daily by archaeological discoveries which are refuting all its contents. (Chapter 5).

Human Longevity Was Genetically Adjusted:
It was not until much later that human longevity was cut back to a meager average of three score years and ten. Up until the advent of genetic science, there was no benchmark to even begin to comprehend how the average human lifespan could be altered so dramatically. Most of us simply believed the teachings of our religious persuasions and put it all down to the magic of God, never for a moment thinking that our offspring would one day have the same knowledge and be able to achieve the same feat. (Chapter 4). 

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