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Saints in 'Punch-up' Over Church Doctrine:
The great council was convened on May 20th, 325. The Greek historian, Socrates Scholasticus (b.380 - ?), reported the adjournment of the debate as occurring on August 25, but other writers claimed the struggle lasted through well into September as a fiercely contested affair, which ended in a bitter standoff.  In fact, history records these great saints of the day resorting to fisticuffs and the tearing up of opponents' documents during heated wrangling. It was from this negative, angry atmosphere that the basic beliefs of Roman Christianity and later Protestant versions of the faith emerged. (Chapter 15).

Rome Suppressed Knowledge of a Crucified Aztec Savior:

The church was not about to ignore the issue. Doctrines native to the Aztec region, such as belief in the crucifixion of Quetzalcoatl as the Savior and Son of God who was crucified for the atonement of sin, were viewed by the hegemony of the Vatican as blasphemous and a threat to the political supremacy of their one true religion.  A repeat of the state-run campaigns that centuries earlier had closed the august Mystery schools of Egypt and of other lands, were again set in motion.  Priceless works of art and literature, along with much of the ancient history of Central and South America, were destroyed in a wave of diabolic crusades ... (Chapter 12).

Roman Church Plagiarized Ancient Pagan Texts
After Nicaea thousands of manuscripts were destroyed, re-written or adjusted, and many of the practices and rituals sacred to the Mysteries and traditional religions of the empire were plagiarized to become the ceremonies and conventions of the Roman church.  Christian researcher, Rev. Robert Taylor, accurately pinpointed the origin of many Christian principles in his book The Diegesis.  After comparing Christian doctrines with Essenean values and beliefs this highly respected man of the cloth noted: Christian tenets are but a reformation of the pre-existent Essenean principles and have no claim of themselves to a character of originality. (Chapter 17).

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