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Early Christians Viewed the Hebrew God as Evil:
Early Gnostics, who originally far out-numbered the Literalists, were largely unremitting in their rejection of the Hebrew god whom they often referred to as 'the evil one.'  They could not possibly reconcile the anthropomorphic qualities of Jehovah with those of the Father-God figure connected with Jesus, who allegorically represented the Higher Self of each human individual, an entity revered as sacred and intrinsically good. (Chapter 24) 

A Sinister Mix of Genes in Ancient Times:
The Nagas were members of a Serpent hybrid race. The species resulted from Draconian* laboratory-programming schedules that began with the successful mix of Reptilian and Nordic-Blond genes to produce an affinitive crossbred species. The hybrid mix was important to the Serpent races*.  It provided a physiological breed that discarnate Reptilian entities could possess without being prematurely dragged from the earth plane by lower fourth dimensional influences. For identification purposes descriptive of its origins, the author has named this basic crossbred species, the mix of Draconian and Nordic-Blond genes, the Repto-Blond* race. (Chapter 26)

The Long Lost Technologies of Sound
The mysterious Keys of Enoch were sound keys to a frequency matrix that melded with reality itself. Enochian texts did after all refer to sonic equations as encoded forces that were preserved as the sounds of ancient mantras often embedded in the correctly enunciated names of early divinities. They also claimed that appropriately uttered sounds resonated directly with the nervous system and were capable of producing higher
states of consciousness and physical body healing. (Chapter 32)

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