Technology Declares Obama
And Osama 'Identical'

US President Obama
Terrorist Osama Bin Laden
Almost All Is Identical Down To The Lines On Their Palms
  While the names Obama and Osama look and come across as uncannily similar an unprecedented wave of reports are claiming something much more sinister than a coincidental name likeness.

  Topline investigators using modern, high-profile computer technology are turning up evidence that convincingly points to the US President and his arch rival, the 'eliminated' terrorist Osama Bin Laden, being the same person.
The Similarities Are 'Remarkable'

   And, the evidence is not easily denied.  In fact it is lining up as possibly the boldest and gravest con-act ever perpetrated against the American people, not to mention other Western powers, which, at the request of the White House, committed troops to the war on terrorism.
   Forensically, fingerprints and palmistry lines are unique with no two people ever known to have possessed identical markings, not even impossible-to-tell-apart twins. However, there is one likely exception to the ruling – the mysterious Obama and Osama.   

  So let’s take a look at Obama and Osama – the good guy and the bad guy, or possibly the same guy.  What are the similarities that have been so convincingly revealed on camera?

  Indisputably, both have identical facial structures – cheekbones, eye sockets, jawline and brow. These physiological structures are not simply similar in shape and form but appear identical.  Both have the same size and shape of ears, hands and fingers and their eyes are undeniably ‘the same’ to the point of being spaced apart as if belonging to the one individual.  And, as if all this is not enough, the palmistry lines on Osama’s hands exactly replicate Obama’s markings, from the larger lines right down to the lesser pronounced. 
   According to experts, no two people possess the exact same palmistry delineations – until now. Their noses do appear slightly different, but the shot of Osama was taken four years earlier and a 'nose job' could have occurred, which would account for Obama's less pointed feature? (more ...)
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