Cat.1: Christianity and the Dark Side/Article: 01
 Video 3: Paedophilia Rampant in the Priesthood.
Pope Benedict XVI
Paedophile Priest Stephen Riesle
Pope Endangered Children To Protect The Church

  An American priest, known to have molested young children, was protected from expulsion by Pope Benedict XVI on grounds that negative publicity would damage the Catholic image.

  The pope argued the paedophile's case in a 1985 letter written in Latin and bearing his signature.
   The pontiff, then known as Cardinal Ratzinger, was specific concerning any move to effect the defrocking of Stephen Kiesle, a San Francisco-based priest, stating that any consideration should take into account the "good of the universal church."
   The controversial letter, released to the international media by the Associated Press news agency, exposed the Vatican's untruthful insistence that Pope Benedict had never been involved in opposing the defrocking of a criminal priest during 20-plus years as controller of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a departmental body dealing with sex abuse cases from a claimed but dubious point of ethics.
   While the tell-tale letter provides irrefutable evidence of underhandedness, a Vatican spokesman has confirmed that the signature is that of the then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.

Earlier Complaints Lodged in Germany and Rome

  Prior to the letter going public, aggrieved parishioners had made earlier claims accusing Ratzinger of failing to act on accusations of abuse while a cardinal in his native Germany, and in Rome. As expected, the Vatican dismissed these earlier claims as insinuations that were "unfounded."

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Pope Benedict XVI
And The Paedophile
He Protected
Stephen Kiesle (above), the paedophile priest who was protected by Benedict (top) to shield the Catholic image.
Kiesle was sentenced to three years probation in 1978 for lewd conduct that involved the tying up and molestation of young boys in a church rectory. In 2002 he again faced court on 13 counts of child molestation, 11 of which were struck down on a point of law. Two years later he received a six-year prison sentence for molesting a young girl.
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