Cat.1: Christianity and the Dark Side/Article: 03 and 04.
 Video 3: Paedophilia Rampant in the Priesthood.
Benedict Took Four Years To Address The
Problem And Then Wanted More Time

  "He could have been stopped in 1968, in 1973, in 1978, but it went on and on," a 48-year-old female plaintiff told the Alameda County Superior Court during a lawsuit alleging that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland, California, had failed to warn parents of potential abuse involving one of its priests.

  The woman, one of seven who claimed to have been sexually abused by priest Stephen Kiesle decades earlier, emotionally recalled how the cleric had "continued his abuse with me and with others. I had no protection," she added.

  Four years after being advised, Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, told his San Francisco bishop that the removal of Kiesle was of "grave significance" and more time was needed. He had instructed the bishop to provide the wayward priest with paternal care and noted that any decision to unfrock him must take into account the “detriment that granting dispensation can provoke within the community of Christ’s faithful, particularly considering the young age” of Kiesle, who was just 38.
   Although evidence indicates otherwise, Vatican and diocese officials have unequivocally denied that there was ever a cover-up by the Holy See in the case involving Kiesle. (Video Page | Go Back)

Read About The Pope's Nazi and Satanic Salutes
  Global systematic abuse of children by the Catholic Church is a crime against humanity with the Vatican and its pope in no way exempt from international law, according to a recent article in Britain's Guardian newspaper.
  The report questioned the Vatican claim to statehood and that the pope, as head of state, was immuned from legal action.
  It pointed out that all papal states were extinguished by invasion in 1870 and the Vatican was created by a fascist Italian state in 1929 with the dictator Mussolini endowing the enclave – all of 0.17 of a square mile – with "sovereignty in the international field ... in conformity with traditions and the exigencies of its mission in the world."

Church And Pope Are Not Above The Law
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