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    Most of us are basically caring and considerate creations.  However, as a collective species, this is not the case. History documents an unbroken track record that has dogged every race with never-ending atrocities nothing short of draconian.  The paradox has baffled philosophers and students of human behavior for generations
    Nineteenth century German philosopher and writer, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, was the first relatively recent scholar to note the anomaly.  More than a century ago a perplexed Nietzsche wrote, “Insanity is the exception in individuals. In groups, parties, peoples and times it is the rule.”  
    To Nietzsche and his contemporaries the inconsistencies defied logic.  They had no idea of where to start looking for a satisfactory explanation.
    Years ago, when I first started looking into the subject, commonsense indicated that as a contradiction the irregularity had to be rationally explainable.  After all, prickly pears don’t grow on plum trees – unless cleverly grafted into the host plant! 
    My search for answers started with an investigation of the myths and legends of our misted past.  I wondered why ardent mediaeval belief in devils and demons had all but disappeared in a few short centuries, after being so deeply entrenched in the aboriginal cultures of practically every people since the beginning of time.  In fact, as a modern concept, it has been so totally exorcised from Western society that those who suggest the possible existence of unseen creatures are often ridiculed as superstitious and childish.  After several years of tracing, sifting and cross-referencing the major myths of many cultures, a noticeable pattern was seen to emerge.  Although on the surface the old legends still read as fictitious tales of by-gone storytellers, many surprisingly communicated similar messages with similar storylines, often about bizarre non- human entities that preyed upon the unsuspecting and were met in battle by humanoid heroes, or gods of old.
   Until only a few decades ago, ancient reports of devastation unleashed by weapons of mass destruction were considered too horrendous to be at all possible, hence their relegation to fictional legend, or the reactions of an immortal god displeased with human behavior.  Today, however, science is fast catching up with the ancient world, revealing the possibility that tales of obliterated cities back in the dusts of history were feasibly something more than fantasy. (more ...)

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From Before Human
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The reason for human creation was known by
our distant ancestors.
It will shock you.
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Ancient records reveal
the true identity of the
Bible's Jehovah.
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Old scrolls give Jesus'
full name and tell of his
controversial emergence
as a 'Savior.'

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