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    As scientists, archaeologists and translators of ancient texts continued piecing together the overall story, it became apparent that many of the  myths of antiquity were in fact records of real life events that occurred millennia ago.
     Despite evidence continuing to pile up, many students, clerics and professors of old-world thinking find it difficult coming to terms with an ancient history that in all probability embraced both a space age and a nuclear capability.  They find it even more difficult accepting well backed theories that early civilizations were off-planet based and far more advanced technologically than we are today.  In recent decades, acceptance of these logical revisions has been gathering substantial global support, threatening the ‘flat earth’ theories of old-world diehards who refuse to budge from beliefs deeply rooted in the Dark Ages.
    There is truth in the old adage, ‘Those who do not know where they came from have no idea of where they are going.’  It is partly for this reason that the subject of this treatise has been separated into two basic categories, namely historical and remedial.  Book One* (this book) takes the reader on an historical journey of discovery like no other.  It exposes distortions and facts of history that have been intentionally altered and hidden from human learning for millennia. As the veil is rent – well supported by ancient documentation and advances in genetics and other fields – the reader is permitted to a glimpse of his origins. 
    For some, however, the experience could be disturbing, as basic religious and social stable data are dragged from the shadows to be revealed as anything but spiritually good.  While the exposé is shockingly revealing, the work was never intended to denigrate religious or social dogma, but rather present correlated facts of history in the light of how they actually occurred, and not as often deceitfully presented or removed from the history books, for whatever reasons. 
    Book One investigates issues that led to mankind’s entry onto the world stage. It then follows the deplorable train of events that have occurred across millennia to the present.  It exposes and documents for the first time the identity of the god of the Bible and his extended family. It also gives the reasons behind his decision to become the anonymous God Almighty, or Yahweh/Jehovah, which  translates to the evasive phrase, I am that I am.   (more ...)

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From Before Human
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The Present And

Some of the Many Topics

The reason for human creation was known by
our distant ancestors.
It will shock you.
* * *
Ancient records reveal
the true identity of the
Bible's Jehovah.
* * *
Old scrolls give Jesus'
full name and tell of his
controversial emergence
as a 'Savior.'

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