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    Statisticians tell us that since the 1960s the global graph on social crime and violence has been climbing dramatically year after year like in no other period of recorded history.  Realistically, something sinister is going on and law enforcement agencies have no answer to rising crime statistics that are endangering communities. Book One attempts to logically spell out the reason.  However, the information presented is bizarrely horrifying.
    As open-minded readers journey from chapter to chapter appreciating the logic of modern interpretations of ancient legends, the undercurrents of other-dimensional influences begin to show through as the true source responsible for the tragedies of the ages.  As knowledge builds, individual reader awareness benefits from realizations of a subjective sense of personal inner goodness, which is intrinsically a part of the functional base of who we are as caring spiritual beings.  Associated with this inner connection lies a cognitive understanding of what truly exists beyond the glaze of human existence.  The ‘distance’ an individual may ‘travel’ on the presented information will vary according to personal awareness and the strength of locked-in, pre-conceived notions and beliefs.
    While Book One firmly introduces evidence of malevolent entity interference in human affairs as something more than myth and legend, there is no suggestion of a return to the superstitious antics of the Dark Ages.  God forbid!  Rather, it promulgates a step back in time to discover what was happening that was important enough to be recorded by practically every major culture across the ages.  It investigates original tales as they would have existed in the world of reality before ignorance and fear turned them into the superstitious beliefs that became the current dogma.  By turning back the clock to distant times, and correlating tales of old with the realities of what is presently happening, we start to get a positive handle on a cause of problems rampant in today’s world.
    Although the story chronicles the plight of mankind, it also intimately involves pre-human history, traversing time-spans and epochs to touch on parsecs of infinite distances that stretch to realms beyond the material.  But, above all, it is a dreamlike glimpse into the real universe of beingness, the place where you and I as spirit entities existed long before the first physical bodies of the galaxy were imagined, let alone engineered.
    The positive line of information that emerges has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with connecting to the source-point of all that exists.  It has nothing to do with an evolution of the soul, but everything to do with who we are and a return to source – the ‘place’ we came from, so long ago.  (more ... (...Go Back) 

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From Before Human
Creation Through To
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The reason for human creation was known by
our distant ancestors.
It will shock you.
* * *
Ancient records reveal
the true identity of the
Bible's Jehovah.
* * *
Old scrolls give Jesus'
full name and tell of his
controversial emergence
as a 'Savior.'

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