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Father Malachi Martin
Pope Paul VI Admitted 'The Smoke of Satan
Entered the Sanctuary'
  Father Malachi Brendan Martin, a former Jesuit who remained a Roman Catholic priest until his death in 1999, served the Holy See in the Vatican between 1958 and 1964.
Pope Paul VI
Pope John XXIII
Father Malachi Martin (above) who worked in close liaison with popes Paul VI (middle) and John XXIII (at bottom) on important Vatican issues.
  He was a brilliant scholar who spoke several languages and held doctorates in archeology, Semitic languages and Oriental history. He was upheld as an eminent theologian and professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute, but is better remembered for honesty and bravery in exposing Satanic evils within the Vatican.
  Martin states: "Most frighteningly for John Paul [II], he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries.   It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the ‘superforce.’   Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963.  Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to ‘the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary’ ... an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican.    Besides, the incidence of Satanic paedophilia — rites and practices — was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the United States. The cultic acts of Satanic paedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Archangel’s rites."
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Satanic Paedophilia in the Vatican
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